complete gnome desktop installation

because of problems in vpn connection in KDE i tried the gnome version of calculate linux. despite the KDE, the gnome version is very simple and many of packages are not installed. also probably the graphic card is not detected since the resolution is very low. is this the gnome-light version? is it possible to install the standard gnome by “emerge gnome”?

You can take Calculate Linux Scratch GNOME and install Gnome completely, to do so:

emerge -C gnome-base/gnome-light
emerge gnome

We plan to release Calculate Linux Desktop GNOME - a full desktop with Gnome.

i updated the system by “emerge --update --deep --newuse world” and then applied the above commands. the gnome desktop is installed and works file!!!
1-the only problem is that i can not mount my ntfs partitions while the linux partitions are mounted automatically. how can i have the ntfs partions to be auto mounted and writable?
2-though is it possible to add a user to a group by gpasswd command, but it is more convenient for me to do in graphical application. what is the package that can mange the users and groups in Gnome?

For working with ntfs partitions, use the package sys-fs/ntfs3g.
I do not know analog KUser in Gnome. Once ready CLDG, such a program will be part of the distribution.

1- the sys-fs/ntfs3g and ntfsprogs are already installed but i the ntfs partitions are not mounted automatically. i can mount them manually with read-only access. i want them to be mounted like the linux partitions are mounted automatically. (note that they are not listed in fstab)
2- i found the package. that is gnome-system-tools.
3- when the Gnome version of calculate will ship out?

We plan to release CLDG 2-3 weeks after the release Calculate Linux 10.2.

That is grate. i am so eager to have it.
will it be release in Feb.?

Yes, release Calculate Linux 10.2 is planed for February.

Great !!!

i could not find anywhere in the site for suggestion, i put it here since it is related to calculate linux with Gnome desktop.
please include the packages needed for pptp connection in next gnome release (nm-applet, networkmanager-pptp …). in version 10.2 of CLD there is kvpnc package which is a disaster!! i could not connect to the server while it is very easy using other graphical packages.

Yes, of course, Gnome version will have all the tools necessary for work.