Compiz Fusion and wobbly windows

I just installed Calculate Linux XFCE and got all possible updates. I have rebooted and opted for the nvidia proprietary drivers at install. I tried to install compiz fusion but dont know the right command. I am new with Calculate Linux. I tried cl-install compiz-fusion in a terminal as root but to no avail.The reply was Unknown argument compiz fusion. Was this a wrong command or is it not possible to install compiz fusion on this OS?

This should hopefully help or give some good insight

And Try

Googling “installing compiz on gentoo”

Some pkgs need to be keyworded,like if you were to try “emerge --ask x11-libs/compizconfig-backend-gconf”
& “emerge --ask x11-wm/emerald” should give output of some pkgs that need keywording & what to add.