Comment on CLDX 64bit


this is a great distro. It seems to become my favorite system (keeping good old debian as a kind of rescue). Even mc is installed by default :slight_smile:

I was just wondering why qt-designer and linguist are installed by default on an xfce-desktop. Instead I would like to see java (icedtea) in the standard installation.

Thanx very much for the good work. It also seems to be a good starting point to explore gentoo.



Hi Robert,
Qt4 is a very common library, we have included it in the CLDX, to reduce the waiting time for compilation. Graphical installer is also working on a library of Qt4. Some time ago, qt-gui began to install these applications.

Java is rarely needed, so we did not include it in the CLDX. Besides, Java can be installed quickly.