CLD and Plasma 5

Hi all,

I have a question about CLD and Plasma 5 (called KDE5 or KDE Frameworks 5 too)

When Gentoo is going to switch, CLD will switch too or Calculate Team will stop CLD as CLDG stopped with GNOME3 ?

Thanks for answer

Hi Adrien,
We have a goal to make your desktop look like and equally comfortable with any window manager. When was released Gnome3, we did not stop supporting Gnome, we have made every effort and adapted interface CLDG. But support for each version was given everything with great difficulty. So we make a hard decision for themselves the benefit of further development of the project.
The first version of Calculate Linux was released with KDE3. We believe that the desktop one of the best and plan to support it in the future by going to the KDE 5.

Okay Thanks !!!