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Cl-update cron jobs and local mail


Please explain how to get cl-update to send a email to localhost with details of the cl-update job that has been completed.

In Gentoo, this is relatively easy matter. However, there are no documents on how Calculate does system cron jobs. With out documentation this is not transparent or easy to understand or modify. This is essential for a production machine that I run.

Your help on this appreciated.

kind regards


Put “MAILTO=root” to /etc/cron.d/calculate-update

# Global variables

# Check Update
0 */4 * * *	root	/usr/bin/nice -n19 /usr/bin/ionice -c3 /usr/sbin/cl-core --method update --schedule -p --wait-another-update off &>/dev/null

On create template /etc/cron.d/calculate-update.clt and put text from /etc/cron.d/calculate-update

thanks fendan

still not working, something not quite right with the cronie setup on this machine

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