cl-replication -r

I have two servers. One primary and other acts as a backup to it.
So i have setuped the cl-replication to replicate the profiles. It has done all correctly and user profiles were replicated.
Do i need to do this manually every day because after setting up the replication if i add or delete user at main server, the replication server doesn’t get the details and its sits on old data. Or in other words the user accounts are not updated automatically unless i re do the replication manually.
Please help.


It is you first expirience of replication configuration?
What command are you use for launch replication on secondry server?
Is main servers pings secondry server by specified fullname?
cl-replication -r samba
Are you perform `cl-backup` command on primary server after replication configuration?

Hi Mike

Thanks for your advice it worked , Actually it was set-uped correctly then i installed Heartbeat and configured the same ,Some how it caused by slapd to crash or stopped the service abruptly. Then i restarted the slapd and squid.
And re-setuped as per your instructions and it worked

Thanks once again

Pranav Sharma