whats the proper way to use cl-install? I’m getting this error.

calculate /var/calculate/linux # cl-install
* To install the system, you need to specify the root device. Use the parameter -d, --disk.

calculate /var/calculate/linux # cl-install -d /dev/sda3
* Error in parameter -d, --disk. You may not use the current root partition /dev/sda3 for installation


Try with this example :

cl-install --disk=/dev/sda1:/:ext4 --disk=/dev/sda3:/home --mbr=/dev/sda -l fr_FR -u user --hostname --netconf networkmanager --video other

sda1 will be format with ext4 filesystem and no for sda3 who mount an existing partition with data.


XKomodor | Julien

I still dont get it

cl-install --disk=/dev/sda1:/:ext4 --disk=/dev/sda3:/home --mbr=/dev/sda -l en_US
* Error in parameter -d, --disk. The root partition should be at least 7 Gb
/dev/sda1 must but cannot be formatted, as it is mounted to /boot/efi on the current system
* Error in parameter --mbr. Your boot device must have a BIOS Boot partition (10Mb)

Im trying to update via cl-install because I haven’t updated in a few months I dont want to format any drive just take the updates from the iso.