Change Hostname?


Normally to change a hostname in *inux you simply add it to /etc/hostname . I’ve noticed CL doesn’t use this file at all.

Where do you change the hostname in CL? (It is currently “calculate”.

Thank you for any and all suggestions.

$ man hostname
, and execute:
# hostname 67cometpc

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I’ve used *nix for ever (circa 2001) and I never realized that I didn’t have to edit /etc/hostname manually :slight_smile:

I learned something new, thank you @NickM

WHOOP! :exploding_head:

No luck with that route.

calculate justin # hostname BigStuff
calculate justin #

calculate justin # hostname

Then I reboot, and it is back to calculate.

Does CL Handle hostname differently than others? Usually it is stored on /etc/hostname but CL doesn’t seem to use this method.

Hmm, another way:

$ cl-console --method setup_network --hostname BigStuff