CDS Server Back up /Failover


I would like to know the methodology ,where in we can take back up of our CDS Server which we can be done on a daily basis.
This is important so that if my primary CDS server fails or goes bad at any point of time we can easily switch to our secondary CDS (which is a back up of main CDS) without any data or production loss.Then we can repair and put our old server back.
Secondary server should have all users & all configurations same as Primary.
I am sure you people have such kind of provision for CDS, Detailed description step by step would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:
I already have one CDS Server set up and have another machine which i would like to make as secondary for back up of main CDS.
Do i need to install CDS 10.2 same version of calculate-server or How should i go start with that, please guide.