CDS install failed - list index out of range

start a fresh new install failed this morning
ENV: vmware esx 5.1
install steps:

1.boot with CDS-LiveCD
2.layman -s calculate
3.fdisk /dev/sda auto (64G) -d /dev/sda

error messages:

Creating a new partition table
Formatting the partitions
Unpacking the system image to the target
Coputing c It templates to the new system
Updating the configuration
Configuring the grub
Post-install configuration
Migrating users / Tracetack (most recent call last):
File " /usr/l it64/puthon2.7/site-packages/calculate/core/server/",line 690 in run
res = method(*args)
File " /usr/l it64/puthon2.7/si te-packages/calculate/install/" , line 555 , in UserMigrate
if not migrator.migrate([[x[0],x[2],x[3]] for x in migrate_data],
IndexError:list index out of range (calculate. install.install:555)
Unmounting the target system volume
Failed to install the system.

What should I do now ?

Try to use last ISO image.