CDS control overCLD Applications

*I want to know whether we can hide,disable Menu programs like Linguist,Kopete centrally from CDS so that
it can take effect on all ldap users working on CLD
*Secondly i want to know do we have any Firewall, Virus protection,Malware protection on CLD’s for
threats nd vulnerabilities

Please answer these two questions that would be of much help :slight_smile:


For disable programs from KDE menu, you need set special permissions and owner for this programs in file system CLD. With help CDS you can control user group.

#for disable Kopete for all users, exclude group whell
chown root:wheel /usr/bin/kopete
chmod 750 /usr/bin/kopete

You can use iptable as firewall and clamav as virus protection.

Hi Mike

Do i have to do this on every client(CLD,Windows) connected to domain CDS or i can just do that on CDS and it will

take effect on all Clients.Please make clear to me.
If possibly i can control from CDS all client applications?

Please reply with complete procedure,that will be much appreciated :wink:


Now you can change permissions for files, when CLD enter in domain CDS. For this:
On CDS in /var/calculate/remote made follow directory and files.
For example: at enter in domain - set permission 750 and owner root:wheel for konsole.

profiles/domain/usr/bin/konsole (file)
profiles/domain/.calculate_directory (file)

.calculate_directory contains

 # Calculate cl_name==calculate-client&cl_pass_type==domain

profiles/domain/usr/bin/konsole contains

 # Calculate chmod=750 chown=root:wheel

Create files are similar to /usr/bin/konsole for change permissions other files.