cant see the desktop after boot to liveDVD on version 11.3

i just downloaded and write an image on a DVD Version 11.3. i try to boot to liveDVD.
But after the system booted it showed only a flashing hyphen.
so what is going on?? i waited for a while but nothing changed.


Does not start Xorg-server. The reason - the video driver. What video card do you use?

I suggest to download the 10.6 beta 1. In this version of distro, we have added support for choosing a video card in the boot menu livecd.

Oh i use ATI Randeon 4650.

Anyway i just one to make sure can i use Calculate cuz i only have some experience with Ubuntu and Kubuntu??


It would be the desire.

you can use the parameters to kernel radeon.modeset=0

possible works after this you need install the proprietary driver to your ati.