Can't install Calculate Linux on OLD Laptop -> Fujistu Siemens Amilo PRO Celeron M with VIA graphic driver


I can’t install Calculate Linux (KDE 32 bits)
Boot on menu (language, mode video, etc)
after graphic bug and nothing to do.

I can install last version of Debian, it use OpenChrome for VIA Graphic driver.

Is it possible or planned to add it ?


We will add support openchrome video driver in the nightly builds 20170227.

Good news, I install it as soon as avaible


I try to install last versin : cld-20170227-i686.iso.
Always black screen after install menu.
No via graphic driver in video menu.

Can you change to terminal by Ctrl+Alt+F1 after boot system (in black screen)?

no i can’t

Not choosing the language (Esc) in install menu, press TAB and append to boot command:

calculate=video:none nox

it’s done
terminal open
calculate ~#

Other things to do ?

Try to load kernel modules via and run xorg-server

modprobe via
/etc/init.d/xdm start

always black sreen :frowning:

no solution ?

Does blackscreen appear after <> or <</etc/init.d/xdm start>> ?

after /etc/init.d/xdm restart
because xdm already start

Try to remove uvesa kernel module before start xdm.

find /lib/modules/ -name "uvesa*" -delete

always balck screen
afert delete uvesa
load via
and restart xdm

No other solution?

Try this:

  1. kernel boot param “video=SVIDEO-1:d”
  2. unmask 4.4.x kernel and install it, mask and remove newest kernel

Solution work on old notebook with Intel video. 2 - in calculate 1 - in arch

not work alaways black screen.

test with last lubuntu 17 i386, it’s work

driver problem ?