Can I say "Thank You" here?


I did not see an introduction section, so I am saying hello here because I need to thank the developers.

I taught myself how to install and use *nix back in 1999/20001 with Gentoo. It was what I used on my server and my workstation until around 2005. I had two boys by then, and could not justify the time it took to “tinker” with Gentoo anymore so I went down the Debian road.

This year I had the opportunity to redo my off site backup server and a friend’s home server so I used Gentoo on both (They are both old machines that do not have 64 bit processors). I loved experiencing the process again, and building everything to suit that machines capabilities. So I drug my old workstation/desktop out of cold storage and started upgrading some components and installed Gentoo.

Instantly I remembered a struggle I had back in the early 2000’s with X11. I could not get my old GTX 560 Ti Nvidia cards to work together well, the screen would go black, the system would lock up and go unresponsive, or the boot up would simply stop at one point with no logs to look through.

Reluctantly I installed Ubuntu-Studio and kept looking for a Gentoo answer.

Then accidentally re-found Calculate Linux! I was searching for Gentoo based distros and ran across the usual ones like Funtoo (Also fought with my video cards), and found an old ISO of Sabyon but it had far too many update issues to mess with.

A long time ago, I remember giving Calculate Linux a try on my web server but wasn’t happy with it.

On this pretty old computer it is WONDERFUL*!

  • I have never been a big fan of KDE (I’m learning to enjoy it), the partition tool during install is not very flexible, and my USB audio volume knob is not working after install (works off the liveDVD) but those are the only issues I have experienced thus far.

In the coming days I am going to be searching for how to stop Portage from defaulting to pre-built packages (they’re quicker, but I like to compile), get my audio knob to work (I can not adjust my volume with out it), and theme KDE until it does and looks like I know it can :).

Just a HUGE thank you to the team that created the desktop side of Calculate Linux. I don’t know what magic sauce was used to get the x-server up and running so well, but it’s been nearly perfect, such good work.

Hopefully global environment doesn’t dictate the future of Calculate Linux because it is such a good introduction and use of Gentoo for everyone.

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