Calculate's Xfce deskop login manager?

Hi, this is maybe simple for the Calculate team to answer.

First thing I did on installing CLDX was upgrade.

On reboot I actually found the Calculate 12 background etc.

I later installed Englightenment 17.

It shows in the selection list, but attempting to select it
doesn’ work. It always opens default Xfce. I even tried just
Xfce Session and found they didn’t work.

I tested, by adding Razor Qt. Just something small. It also
wouldn’t start.

Finally, I went in to XDE file and told it to use GDM desktop.
Now I can select the other desktops. However I get a message
always telling me it can’t find the Calculate theme.

SO how can I keep it the way Calculate team set it up but still
be able to select other desktops? I’m not sure but it looks as
if there were a ‘symlink’ when I looked at the sessions added
in /user/share/xsessions which is apparently where GDM keeps it’s

My slight puzzle was finding that none of the GDM ‘options’ worked
under the calculate arrangment? (Such as changing themes or actually
just opening the ‘setup’. A commandline ‘gdmsetup’ told me that gdm
wasn’t even running?

Anyone can explain to me how to ‘select’ desktops under the stadard
Calculate ‘team’ setup?

Also, I’ve googled Gentoo forums, but I’m having trouble finding the
correct ‘sentax’ in commands to ‘make’ portage install a ‘specific’
ebuild version… in this case someone suggested I install a higher
‘eix’ version but, I’ve been unable to ‘get’ that so it works…

Thanks in advance.

Lastly any good GUI tools for managing firewalls? :slight_smile:


Looking through Gentoo’s handbook, last night, I found this chapter on firewalls

Hope the link helps answer part of your question