Calculate update does not run notifications in the panel

Calculate update does not run notifications in the panel. I am working through the terminal, but I do not understand that the update is based on python2.7, and when I look at the update, it is pushing python to version 3.5.5. As far as I remember, python is not backward compatible. When I did a manual update, a message came out that it switched to python 3.6, but I do not understand how it’s not clear because the calculate file is a directory containing 3 files.It does not know which file I need to enter the recommended commands-definitions to python3.6

Make.conf is dir not file

CLD-17.6R/etc/portage/make.conf$ dir
0-base binhost custom

This text system writed when I work cl-update
Title Python 3.6 to become the default target
Author Michał Górny
Posted 2018-05-22
Revision 1

On 2018-06-22, Python 3.6 will replace Python 3.5 in the default Python
targets for Gentoo systems. The new default targets will be:

PYTHON_TARGETS=“python2_7 python3_6”

If you have not overriden the value of those variables on your system,
then your package manager will want to use the new targets immediately.
In order to prevent dependency conflicts, please clean stray packages
and rebuild/upgrade all packages with USE flag changes after the change,

emerge --depclean
emerge -1vUD @world
emerge --depclean

Please note that upgrading dependencies in place may cause some
of the package dependencies to be temporarily missing. While this
should not affect scripts that are already fully loaded, it may cause
ImportErrors while starting Python scripts or loading additional
modules (only scripts running Python 3.5 are affected).

In order to improve stability of the upgrade, you may choose to
temporarily enable both targets, i.e. set in /etc/portage/make.conf
or its equivalent:

PYTHON_TARGETS=“python2_7 python3_5 python3_6”

This will cause the dependencies to include both Python 3.5 and 3.6
support on the next system upgrade. Once all packages are updated,
you can restart your scripts, remove the custom setting and run another
upgrade to remove support for Python 3.5.

If you would like to postpone the switch to Python 3.6, you can copy
the current value of PYTHON_TARGETS and/or PYTHON_SINGLE_TARGET
to /etc/portage/make.conf or its equivalent:

PYTHON_TARGETS=“python2_7 python3_5”

If you would like to migrate your systems earlier, you can do the same
with the new value.

If you are still using Python 3.4, please consider switching to a newer
version as it is reaching its end-of-life. The end-of-life dates
for the currently used versions are:

Python 3.4 2019-03-16
Python 2.7 2020-01-01
Python 3.5 2020-09-13 [1]


Please help me, I’ve posted a python set text that has come out a few times when I’m doing cl-update. I do not know where to type the settings because the directory for the path to gentoo differs from the one in the caclulate. Today i worked cl-update and my favorite gis-weather application has stopped working. When I look at what the active version shows python 3.5.5 and the last installed version is python 3.6.5. All python files gis-weather have this definition as the first line: #! / Usr / bin / env python3

Searching for my problem lasted too long just because there is no internet help for Calculate. Other distributions have the help that comes first from google. The problem appeared when the libreoffice was already installed asking for python 3.6.5 to be reinstalled when I used the cl-update. Python 3.6.5 set itself to a global level at user level remained python -V => ver. 3.5.5. The automatic gis-weather stopped working. It is unclear and unambiguous if python 3 is defined in gis-weather and that the system is unable to use either python 3.6.5 or 3.5.5. I watched Neon, Kubuntu there is python 2.7 and gis-weather python 3 and it works, Manjaro python 3.6.6 no intervention is needed. Googling hours and hours came to the point I set python 3.6.5 and gis-weather did it immediately: eselect python set --python3 python3.6 &&
emerge -uDv -changed-use @world. As an unusual example is the gis-weather compiled version and unpacked .deb version I made that I just physically wrote on the Calculate Directory, the original Calculate-layman version has long been outdated and useless.

Does you test update notification on last build of CLD?

Calculate Utilities use python2 only.

Did you install gis-weather application from ebuild or manual?

Does you test update notification on last build of CLD?

Calculate Utilities use python2 only.

I did not test the new CLD, Calculate is RR distribution. Even windows does not need to be installed again, although it is not RR distribution. I do not understand politics or philosophy that last year I was told at every emerge to switch to python 3 and now you say CLD is working on pyhon2. I am interested in the solution, delete the CLD and reinstall (I do not want to do it CLD is RR disto and he is up to date), or do the emerge of the program only with support for python2.7. to me. Is there a variant to return to Python 2.7 as the main one and not to destroy the system. If so how? The second in that other paragraph of the setting does not apply to Calculate.
Look at the second paragraph, this text is written for months when I’m working emerge.

@Manjaro ~]$ python -V ext4 file system
Python 3.7.3

@Ma-nja-ro ~]$ python -V python -V the same version btrfs file system
Python 3.7.3

@neon-MS-7693:~$ the same version ext4 file system upgrade base Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04
Python 2.7.15rc1

@Neon-MS-7693:~$ python -V the same version btrfs file system
Python 3.6.7

@kali-kali:~# python -V upgrade kali 2018 RR
Python 2.7.16

n@calculate ~ $ python -V set python 2.7 to 3.6
Python 3.6.5

Playing with Python versions

The author has changed the program and now supports only 5 days of the weather forecast. I delete the program

I have tested last CLD - update notification works.

Calculate Utilities use python2. CLD uses python3 by default. CLD has python2 and python3. Python3 more progressive, but we haven’t resources to rewrite Calculate Utilities to python3 now.

Thank you for the concrete and sincere answer. Does not know how it says puthon 2.7 stops supporting 2020 in Gentoo distributions. Calculate RR distro and write that there are no resources to overcome this problem

Calculate Utilities will be use python2.7 from calculate overlay or will be ported to python3. Calculate distros contain python2.7 and python3 at now.

I know they now contain python2.7 and python3.6. At the moment when the notification stopped CL that contained python2.7 and python3.5.5.
python3.5.5 can only be reached through the update and why it became the main, primary python I do not know. I gave the contents of the python -V command in the first paragraph of the forum and it was shown by python3.5.5.
Can the system be returned to the command or commands on python2.7 and remain functional?

I try to understand but there is no help, gentoo help is out of date and half of the cases do not apply, precisely because I quoted in the second paragraph it is in calculate a directory, not a file, there are three files in that directory that have little connection with what emerge wrote in 2018. You are wondering why I’m not installing from scratch, the reason is the Asus R7260x GPU that would be overheated when installing without the need for an additional cooling program. If God dawns on me and I wait for 2020, since CLD RR distribution is a , the problem will be resolved. It may not be resolved problem if plasma-wayland enter in the game.