Calculate Media Center 11.6 alpha 2 released

After half a year came the second alpha version of Calculate Media Center (CMC). Distribution is included in the list of supported Stage-assemblies, and thus brought to working condition. Version is still an experimental number, but to release Calculate Linux 11.9 we plan to complete its development.

What’s caused the delay? Unfortunately, in the first place the lack of time. The second - lack of funds for setting up the guest user’s session. The latest version includes Calculate Utilities the key changes that are set to guest sessions as CMC, and CLS, as well as the profile root. Best of all, the settings will be done without compromising performance.

Let me remind you that the CMC - is a specialized distro that is optimized for storage and playback of multimedia content. As Calculate Linux Scratch, the distribution does not contain a binary repository. But, unlike the latter, the updates are carried out from the ISO image.

Version 11.6 alpha2 supports all the features that have appeared since the first alpha version. Among the latter - installation the file system nilfs2.

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