Calculate Linux (Windows Edition)

One year ago was described recipe for preparing Window-like version of Calculate Linux Desktop based on Gnome workspace. In general screenshots look good at the time. Solution was written, however ready-made livecd was not seen.

A year later, to the first of April Calculate Linux Desktop 20110401 WinLike were done. The distribution is based on the last image of the Stage CLD 11.3. Splashutils changed to Plymouth, to changed the decorations, the desktop settings. The proprietary Nvidia and ATI drivers included to distro. Binary updates available from CLD repository for this distro.

You can write to DVD or flash drive (through <

>) hybrid ISO image. Also you can install to HDD, USB-HDD, USB-Flash.

Applications: KDE 4.6.1, Amarok 2.4.0, digiKam 1.9.0, Chromium 10.0.648.204, Kernel, LibreOffice 3.3.2, X.Org 7.4

You can download torrent from here orhere.

This surprise for hamsters to first april! :slight_smile:


Pic.1 System startup

Pic.2 Desktop

Pic.3 File manager, menu, picture viewer

Pic.4 Office, Browser, Media Player