Calculate Linux is 10 years old

10 years ago, on June 6th, 2007 the Calculate Linux project website was opened. Our aim was to find like-minded people, get support and move to a qualitatively new level. The first image of Calculate Linux was distributed as an archive once a month. You needed to download also another archive with a setup program to install the system. Step by step the distribution has grown into something bigger and got recognised in the whole world. We would like to thank all of you who help to develop the project, install the system, support newbies, report bugs.
Today Calculate Linux is in TOP-100 of Distrowatch rating. It has 10 distros available for desktop, server or container installations. It supports two architectures with a repository of 5000 binary packages. It has own utilities to install, compile and setup a system. It is a ready to use client-server solution. That’s not such a bad achievement for a team of two developers, designer and translator!
The base is still the company “Calculate” which actively uses all the benefits from the system. For example the infrastructure is migrating to Calculate Scratch Server with Calculate Linux Container currently. Containers will reduce damage risks of hacker attacks to the core system by moving network services to isolated environments, reduce risks from updates, encrypt not only data but also systems themselves.
Calculate Linux is distributed absolutely free of charge and this will always remain. The best way to get profit is just using all the opportunities and benefits Linux offers. The openness of the system allows to exchange experience with others. Telephony, employee’s workplaces, servers, routers, laptops - Calculate Linux is everywhere in the organisation.
Gentoo and Calculate are both a tool and a solution. Any administrator uses his own workarounds which correlate with Calculate developments in some way. Sometimes those are a duplication, but sometimes they work even better. Next 10 years can be much more productive in the development if we involve the community. We have done attempts several times and I believe sooner or later we’ll find the right approach.
Thank you for being with us!