Calculate Linux how to update ?


im new on Calculate Linux and want to now how to update Calculate Linux:

  • what is the difference between cl update and emerge xx world ? which command should i use to update all?

  • for example if i want update Qupzilla to a newer version does this happend with cl update ?

  • System Update Guide doc shows only cl -xx commands. why should someone use emerge xx world etc. ?

please excuse my non-understanding about this behaviors - i come from UBUNTU Linux and Update there is very simple to do.


Hi Harald,
cl-update is a utility that simplifies working with emerge. To install and update package cl-update using emerge.

cl-update also updates the portage. It makes it taking into account the peculiarities of working with binary distributions repositories. To update the overlays eix-sync will use the cl-update.


many i am understanding this better.