Calculate linux from scratch CLS

please, is there any guidebook for installing CLS ?
I have installed on my HDD, video is not working, I tried Intel or NVidia drivers, I don’t know how to setup network. Thank you

Unfortunately, there is not yet separate guidebook for CLS. Use the console utilities for installation and configuration. Console installation guide here. For change video driver install x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers and run cl-setup-video --video nvidia. For network configuration run cl-setup-network with parameters.

Tried with Intel as well as with Nvidia drivers, startx is not working, there is no any GUI.

The CLS is still designed for more experienced users. Have you had any problems with CLDX?

Yes, I tried several times. It was working for a month or two, than there was some error, and system won’t update anymore. So I decided to try some basic version.

The CL can be updated either by a batch manager or completely from an ISO image. For this purpose, an additional section for updating is created by default ( It is also implemented in Android. You can periodically download iso to the /var/calculate/linux directory and run cl-install (without parameters) to install the update. There are many advantages to this solution. One of them is that the system is quite difficult to break.

Just saying that something is not working in’t very useful. What error messages do you get when you try to run startx?

I have been using CLS for a while so I can give you some tips. CLS is command line only, no GUI is installed by default.

Just install a GUI program and Gentoo will install the Xserver as a dependency.

You also have to install a desktop or window manager or you are likely to end up with twm (tab window manager) an antique that is not very user friendly.

You also need to put the desktop in a file called .xinitrc in your home directory so startx knows what desktop to use. I use icewm.

Here is an example of how to install icewm with a couple of other programs:

emerge -av iceicons icewm icewm-extra-themes smplayer games-board/ace einstein

Here are the contents of my .xinitrc file:

xscreensaver -no-splash &
exec ck-launch-session dbus-launch --exit-with-session --sh-syntax icewm-session

As far as the video driver goes, you have to install the driver for your video card, trying different drivers doesn’t work. Since CLDX worked, it is unlikely you will have to install any video driver to get the GUI working. The Xserver has generic drivers that work with most modern video cards and many legacy cards.

Here is an example network setup command:

cl-setup-network --iface eth0: --hostname plum.home --dns, --route default:

hostname “plum”

You need to use names and addresses appropriate for your system.

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