Calculate Linux Desktop Gnome 12 Screenshots

Hello All,
So I am new to CLDG and the forum. Wanted to post my current setup. :slight_smile:

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Hi Marc,

Welcome to here ! :smiley:

Nice screenshot … :wink:

Where are you come from ? … Don’t forget the Calculate User Map here to show your location :wink:


XKomodor | Julien

Hello Julien,
Thank you and I am from VA. USA. I have added myself to the map as well. :slight_smile:

Hello Marc,

I come from France, south-west exactly … Toulouse is my city.

If you have some problems or not … :stuck_out_tongue: … We are not far !

You can find Calculate users on IRC : freenode / #calculate or #calculate-fr if you want to speak French.

Best regards.

XKomodor | Julien

Thank you for the offer to chat on IRC, will take you up on it once I have some free time. :slight_smile: Also thank you for the welcome and look forward to posting more on this forum. :slight_smile:

hi…march, nice desktop.since I use calculate linux, I could never install conky. there is a failure on conky-lua,so lua never looked at my desktop :smiley: