Calculate Linux 13 - Review

If interested, you can have a loot at my review of Calculate Linux 13 XFCE at,

Thanks Rajan, a very interesting review.

Glad you like it :-).

Yes, short but fair review.

I must agree that the unique method of a Certificate for the Control Center at first will confuse some users, Especially beginners. However once you get past that it is an excellent interface.
Judging Gentoos
I personally like Calculate to install and use more so than Gentoo, Funtoo, Papaug, Pentoo or Toorox.
Only Sabayon (which I also use) seems to rival Calculate.
Sabayon has made innovations with package managers but to Calculate’s credit Calculate has made great Linux Development tools.
Hard to choose sometimes
Good Job!

We are just doing their job, not trying to rewrite great things. In Sabayon good package manager, but Portage more options. In Russia they say “best is the enemy of the good”. We enjoy the behavior of Portage, allowing the system to create miracles.