Calculate KDE spares a lot of space

Calculate KDE spares a lot of space, I have in Neon KDE many more programs and it occupies 13GB on /. In calculate busy space on / is over 30GB, I checked the log files they do not spend space.

I tried to clean it / but that’s not possible. How much space will I need in a year or two if I keep Calculate. Something is wrongly designed, so busy with space with binary packages that are already ready and few original packages that are compiled.

emerge --update --newuse --deep world
emerge -av --depclean
eclean-dist --destructive

I observed same thing

(...) df
/dev/sda7       29588360  20740148   7322148  74% /

Most space is used by /var/calculate folder (6.9GB) and most space inside of it is occupied by /var/calculate/x86-64/packages, which stores previous versions of packages like for example 5 packages of thunderbird (why!?), matching current available versions via portage. So yeah it’s pretty heavy on space.

I used filelight.

Edit: Using eclean-pkg -d

 [  912.0 K ] Packages Index
 [    3.1 G ] Total space from 665 files were freed in the packages directory

not that bad.

[ 884.9 K ] Packages Index

[ 2.6 G ] Total space from 609 files were freed in the packages directory
eclean-pkg -d

Most space is used by /var/calculate/package and /var/calculate/remote 9.1GB.

I use eclean-dist --destructive

Thanks for advices. I also used this command and now has 3GB more free. 10GB on / it is already solid

I think every 3 months should be cleaned manually /. I have never come to the situation that after a few months working with some linux I fill up /. I use Neon Plasma 5.11.5 every day receive updates and I have not yet come across a size of 14GB of busy space