Calculate Install 3 Alpha 1 coming real soon...

Some ten days more, and Calculate Install 3 Alpha will be made available; new Stage images will follow immediately. Sure, you could try it on a running CL system as well, say to install CL on some spare partition of your hard disk or to make an USB flash run under Calculate.

The Alpha version will be using a grapical interface, while Calculate Install 3 Beta will include both the console and the GUI installer.

New Features

  • The graphical shell was completely rewritten.
  • The installer runs as a client server, with remote install support.
  • The GUI and the console versions both have full functionality.
  • The disks bound for install can be auto-partitioned based on your configuration; installation on LVM is supported.
  • Multiple target device selection.
  • You can select the distro version you prefer from the list (GUI mode only, of course).
  • Task progress indicator (for install & configure actions).
  • Less RAM consumed when installing.