Calculate Hangs During Boot

Using LxQT
After installing and updating reboot hangs.
I press I for interactive mode.
About to start sysfs.
I continue with booting process.
*read: interrupted system call
List several more services each one followed by the same message, then it freezes.

I have LxQT running on another comouter with all the updates and it boots OK.

I reinstalled a 2nd time and get the same problem.

Anybody know how to fix it?

Look in the file /etc/rc.conf, it should be:

Sometimes NO, sometimes YES.

If the installation came from cls (Scratch), rc_interactive=“YES”
If the installation came from cldl (LxQT), rc_interactive=“NO”

I may have caused the Hanging problem myself because I removed xdm from rc-update because I don’t use the GUI login screen. I haven’t have time to test that yet.