Calculate Directory Server 10.4.1 released

release date: October 13, 2010


Calculate Directory Server (CDS) is an advanced, LDAP-based, authentication server designed to be a domain controller for business networks.

Main changes

  • Accelerate the transfer of a user profile from a remote server.
  • Distfiles directory and packages are moved to /var/calculate/remote for use with Calculate Linux Desktop 10.9.

Software versions

Bind 9.7.2-P2, Kernel, OpenLDAP 2.4.23, Postfix 2.6.6, ProFTPD 1.3.3a, Samba 3.4.9

  • CDS i686 - 602M
  • CDS x86_64 - 652M




You can upgrade previous version of Calculate Linux in two ways:
# Download ISO-image into directory /usr/calculate/share/linux and execute command calculate -d /dev/sdaX, with indicating installation partition. In this case, the installation will take 5-7 minutes, most settings will be transferred.
# Update packages with emerge utility.