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Calculate core stopped

polaca57@calculate ~ $ /etc/init.d/calculate-core status

  • status: stopped
    polaca57@calculate ~ $

I am not getting updates unless I start the core manually.
Tried solutions from other threads, deleting var/calculate/server and re-creating certificate but still does not work.

Please help solve.

Thank you

No one has any comment on this? How did it happen? How to fix?

Me, too.
Installing dev-lang/python-3.8.5, I had similar symptoms.
I removed dev-lang/python-3.8.5, but the autoupdate check still doesn’t work.

I think this deserves at least a comment from Calculate team. I am just average user, I don’t know whether Calculate core should be started or stopped, I don’t know what it does. All I know is that I am not getting any automatic updates.
I re-installed Calculate a week ago cleanly: partition disk, format, install. Issue is still there, no updates!
New nightly released today, but no updates to my newly installed system!

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