Calculate core stopped

polaca57@calculate ~ $ /etc/init.d/calculate-core status

  • status: stopped
    polaca57@calculate ~ $

I am not getting updates unless I start the core manually.
Tried solutions from other threads, deleting var/calculate/server and re-creating certificate but still does not work.

Please help solve.

Thank you

No one has any comment on this? How did it happen? How to fix?

Me, too.
Installing dev-lang/python-3.8.5, I had similar symptoms.
I removed dev-lang/python-3.8.5, but the autoupdate check still doesn’t work.

I think this deserves at least a comment from Calculate team. I am just average user, I don’t know whether Calculate core should be started or stopped, I don’t know what it does. All I know is that I am not getting any automatic updates.
I re-installed Calculate a week ago cleanly: partition disk, format, install. Issue is still there, no updates!
New nightly released today, but no updates to my newly installed system!

Thank you for ignoring this post.
Good bye after four years


What update server are you using?


Sadly it appears we are witnessing the demise of yet another great distro and the Gentoo world in particular can ill afford this.

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