calculate console gui not readable

Hi, from day 0 of my calculate-linux experience I have noticed that calculate console gui is not very readable, I didn’t care as I dont need it. But now I’d like to take advantage of remote install and system update and it starts bothering me. On the other screenshots of that tool I can see that the gui looks perfectly normal so now I’m wondering what am I doing wrong. See the screenshot to get idea what is my problem. Thanks


What system do you use and what color scheme?

I’m on CLD (kde). The issue can be reproduced on every color scheme I ever used. Currently I’m using following combination:

Look and feel: United
Desktop theme: Numix
Applicaton color scheme: Thinkpad
Icon theme: Breeze
Widget style: Breeze
Window decorations: Breezemint-dark

But as I said on original post, I’ve observed the issue from first time I used calculate linux on default colorscheme “calculate” but didn’t pay much attention. Now it starts to be an issue.

Finally I figured it out! Settings for Image height in cl-console-gui menu, has no impact at all.
Instead I must set the “Image height” parameter in:


Then the cl-console gui is readable again. Mikhail, thanks anyway for your will to help.