Calculate and Gentoo

Surely this has been asked before but I coudn’t find a link.
Where can I find a comprehensive analysis of how Calculate Linux differs from Gentoo and in which ways is identical.

I’ll kick off, but people more knowledgeable then me might correct me or add to this!

  • Calculate Linux is Gentoo Linux with the Calculate overlay added.

  • Using Calculate the installation is much easier than with Gentoo, including providing a compiled Linux kernel.

  • Calculate gives you various desktop environments to choose, as well as a server editions and “scratch” editions so that you can build your own desktop or server.

  • Calculate provides binary packages so updates do not involve compilation of packages.

  • Calculate adds many admin tools.

See the review in Distrowatch this week:

Cheers, Bill

Hi Bill,
thank you for your prompt reply.
Excuse me if my questions are a bit dumb, but I am fairly new to Linux in general and to Calculate Linux and Gentoo in particular.
I have read the Distrowatch review and I am clear about the fact that Calculate Linux provides a friendly install of a Gentoo based distro.
Besides that, correct me if I am wrong, and I probably am, my understanding is that Calculate Linux provides a repository of precompiled binaries optimized for a certain profile (ex. i686, desktop user) which are installed by default when you use emerge.
So the “overlay” means that when I use #emerge foo in Calculate Linux it installs the “foo” binary from the Calculate Linux repository, and when I use #emerge -uN foo it compiles “foo” from the sources from the Gentoo repository, according to a default Calculate Linux profile, unless I modify the parameters in the Portage configuration.
What I am a bit confused about is the extent of the customizations in Calculate, because reading the Calculate Linux manuals I found references to some configuration files which are not there in my installed Calculate Linux (for instance /etc/make.conf).

Thanks Antonio.

Yes, there are differences in portage folders (custom, 0-base, …), package_accepts_words and others. I’m also interested in an article clarifying the differences with Gentoo.

Quoting: I’m also interested in an article clarifying the differences with Gentoo.

Sounds good to me as well.

By the way, I just signed up out of renewed interest in Calculate (I’ve run it before), after the untimely apparent death of Manjaro OpenRC.

Put simply, Gentoo is a constructor, Calculate is one of the solutions. We left full compatibility by adding customization tools. There are a lot of small things. They are not easy to describe.