Calculate 20.6 does not detect soundcard in lenovo P330 tiny

Hi friends,
I bought a lenovo P -330 (tiny) computer and installed Calculate Linux 20.6 Mate but it doesn’t detect the sound-card.
Consequently, there is no sound…neither with Pulse nor with Alsa.
I tried Linux Mint and it works fine, so the computer actually has a sound card!
Is this something that will come up by itself as updates roll in or is this a major and complicated deal.
I could install Calculate 20.6 and continue my work, I don’t need sound all that much but sometimes…!
I wonder if as updates come in, the computer automatically detect the card at a later point in time.

Wonder if anybody has some thoughts about what to do, thanks for all the help up front, Rene

Hi! Try to install the latest kernel version. Most likely, the new kernel will not support net-wireless/broadcom-sta. If you don’t have this Btroadcom Wi-Fi card, just remove that package.

echo sys-kernel/calculate-sources >> /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords/custom
emerge -a sys-kernel/calculate-sources
emerge -C net-wireless/broadcom-sta