Calc G 11.6 updated + login problem /usr/share/calculate/.... templates something ?


I have installed + updated 11.6 gnome x86_64 and now there is a problem at the login screen,
Select user + password and enter then it complains about a template and profile and not able to load this then it returns me to the login screen.
/usr/share/calculate/templates ??? and something xdm.

There was a error about templates when the calc kernel 3.0.4 installed maybe that is the problem. What thsi templates and profiles has to do with my user account = ???

How do I fix it ?

*  sys-apps/calculate-templates
      Latest version available: 2.2.23-r5
      Latest version installed: 2.2.23-r5
      Size of files: 235 kB
      Description:   Templates for calculate utilities 2.2
      License:       Apache-2.0

Not sure if this program is broken so I emerge -C and emerged it again and still the same problem.

Is there a way to get rid of this templates rubbish so I can have normal gnome again ?

What versions of the utilities you have installed?

eix -Ic sys-apps/calculate

If all version updates, try:

cl-desktop --uninstall