что такое broken files ?

высветилось следующее сообщение

revdep-rebuild failed to emerge all packages.
you have the following choices:

  • If emerge failed during the build, fix the problems and re-run revdep-rebuild.
  • Use /etc/portage/package.keywords to unmask a newer version of the package.
    (and remove 5_order.rr to be evaluated again)
  • Modify the above emerge command and run it manually.
  • Compile or unmerge unsatisfied packages manually,
    remove temporary files, and try again.
    (you can edit package/ebuild list first)
    To remove temporary files, please run:
    rm /var/cache/revdep-rebuild/*.rr
    Found some broken files that weren’t associated with known packages
    The broken files are:

что делать-то с этими файлами? просто удалить?

А после чего вы запускали revdep-rebuild?