boring partitioning scheme - where is zfs???

the setup with 2 root partitions becomes completely obsolete when using btrfs or zfs or other filesystems over lvm with snapshotting.

But this is not well done and supported under calculate linux.

What a pity, especially in business environments supporting superior filesystems like zfs and making extensively use of snapshotting features automatically while upgrading would make this distro more attractive in the world.

I am using root over zfs since months on my laptop with sabayone linux and since some weeks in funtoo on every of my new servers.

why does calculate not go this way?

business linux needs business technology.
please, support zfs immediately and propagate it. its more mature and stable than btrfs.

will add, thanks for the offer

root on zfs is quiet easy, we wrote an article here:

and here over luks encryption:

this article helped to manage the two above:

Maybe this helps.

I also could contribute ressources if you need support.

thank you

I have just managed to cobble together a sort of Franken-Calculate-zfs box based on cldx 14.16. This was done using 2 “scrap metal” Atom Laptops and a VM.

First laptop for the install with / on ext4, zfs enabled and a zpool created and tested.
Second laptop as target box. datasets were created just like funtoo using a rescuecd, and all files required where copied from the first box via tar and scp.
VM to perform funtoo install to zfs as per funtoo guide, to get kernel. initrd and modules needed after the following fail:

The initrd from the ext4 install did not pick up the zfs modules during make because dracut did not find the apropriate config files to know how to do this automatically. I added spl and zfs modules by calling dracut with --add-module but the resulting initrd caused the system to hang, without telling me where I had screwed up.

Copying the funtoo kernel etc resulted in a bootable system, without wlan but I want the box to use wired net anyway…

THEN I found this post and Mark Doe’s hints…

Has any further progress been made on doing this officially?

I will be repeating this for 14.16.2 on another box - should now take less than 2 days. I will post about this when I am done. I am not ready to do remastering yet.