Boot issue after kernel upgrade

Hi all

I upgraded the kernel to vanilla 4.12.5 following documentation here

But it does not boot with these messages , see attached file
Fortunatly I achieve to boot with previous kernel

Any help is welcome


You do not have to use cl-kernel to install a different kernel version. The sys-kernel/calculate-sources package is compiled and installed as any other package, and the kernel is written to /boot. Moreover, always for a fresh kernel version there is a binary package.

Thanks for the answer.
So i do not understand the purpose of cl-kernel and i don’t understand the purpose of this documentation

For my issue i think that i enabled by mistake systemd while configuring the kernel , i check this this evening.

Using cl-kernel, you can change the kernel settings saving the changes in the template.

Well finally i removed kernel 4.12.5 vanilla et put back by default 4.9.34-calculate