Boot is too long => kbuildsycoca4 !!


since i have updated KDE, the Calculate’s boot is too long (2min30 - 3mn).

At boot, i try to open a tty and login to it with root account.

With iotop command, i can see the kbuildsycoca4’s process => 98% IO disc.

The command lauched by the system is:

kbuildsycoca4 --incremental --checkstamps

Is it possible to desactivate this at boot ?

KDE users’ have the same problem ?

calculate adrien # find / -name kbuildsycoca4

calculate adrien # grep -ri kbuildsycoca4 /
Fichier binaire /var/calculate/remote/packages/CLD/x86_64/kde-base/kdelibs-4.9.4-r1.tbz2 concordant

This is only on first boot or not?
This is can be long on first boot, but on the next not.

No !
This happens at every boot.

No disrespect made regarding your DE of choice (KDE) but this reminds me of some of my reasons to migrate to Xfce in 2008.
I was a one of those who happily downloaded KDE .99 to (5) 3.5 floppies in 1999.
And used it exclusively for 9 more years.
However it has become too Heavy of an DE with too many user wants assumptions.

Good luck… I am sure you will find a work around.