Boot interrupted

I booted Calculate Linux today and it get stuck during boot, when it is about to switch to the frame buffer I get the message:

random:crng init done

and then just the prompt and it won’t go no.
Calculate Linux was working fine last night and the only thing I have done today was update grub, which depends on the other distro I have on the same machine, so it shouldn’t affect Calculate Linux since it boots fine and was booting fine after the last grub update also.
Any clue?

It shouldn’t be the case, but I wonder if updating Grub didn’t affect any boot parameter in the Calculate setup which prevent the frame buffer to load.
Then again, the Grub configuration file is in another partition and totally separated from Calculate Linux.

OK rebooted again choosing the “advanced options” in the Grub menu.
It still hung there on the same line saying

random: crng init done

then got a message that runit is not finding something and thengoes on and boot normally.
Again, when I first installed Calculate without installing Grub and booted it from the Grub updated from the main distro it booted without any problem.
Only after the last update-grub on the main distro this issued arose.
Now that, even if tardly, I can again get run Calculate, how can I fix this problem?

Sorry checked again the message ai get after " random: crng init done" is “dracut resuming operation device not found”, or something to that effect.

I removed and then re-installed dracut and now it boots fine.
I just don’t know why this problem happened since I didn’t do anything that might affect this specific application.