boot Calculate from USB Disk

First time i tried booting Calculate Linux Desktop (KDE) i could not get it to work…
here are the steps i took on my system to get it working.

Commands that you need to enter in a terminal are bold-italic.

First: my desktop uses Ubuntu 10.10
i installed Unetbootin, downloaded the iso from the calculate website.
When i plugged the usbdisk into my netbook, it threw me an error about calcmenu.c32 not beeing a valid file.
So i replaced Calcmenu.c32 with menu.c32 in /syslinux/syslinux.cfg
then, it booted ok, into the KDE desktop.
i formatted my HDD (on the netbook, Acer Aspire One D250) using the KDE partitioner, and then ran the installer.
When you reboot, grub enters a boot loop because it cant find the kernel and all.
to fix this, i booted the live usbdisk again, opened the terminal, and entered the command su
This command is needed to gain write access to your filesystem on the disk!
Then i typed nano /media/CLD10.9/boot/grub/menu.lst because Calculate isnt supposed to be booting from usbdisk, it added my internal drive as /dev/sdb, when you reboot, it cant find anything because the internal drive becomes /dev/sda

replace all the /dev/sdb (please note, this may differ on your system, use the KDE partitioner to find out your device names) with /dev/sda.
Save the file, and reboot.

TADAAA… you now have a netbook/laptop running calculate, installed from an usbdisk!