Binary repository contains 10k packages now

Calculate Linux binary repository has grown to 10066 packages. This became possible due to the increase of building environments up to four. New profiles are named as following: Calculate Builder Desktop (CBD), Calculate Builder Server (CBS), Calculate Builder Extension (CBE) и Calculate Builder Widened (CBW). CBD compiles main packages, CBS does packages with Xorg support disabled. Part of packages was moved from CBD to CBE and CBW to increase speed of dependensies calculation. Thanks to this split it’s also possible now to build binaries with diffrent flags. For example, to install x11-misc/bumblebee you need to add a flag video_cards_nvidia to the package x11-base/xorg-drivers, which will lead to an installation of Nvidia video driver. This flag is enabled in CBW therefore it compiles binary package x11-misc/bumblebee and modified x11-base/xorg-drivers. Separate building systems also allow to compile packages conflicting by dependencies, for example, cron daemons which can not be installed on the same machine simultaneously.

Distribution profiles are located in Distros overlay, while building systems’ profiles are stored in a separate overlay Builder. There is also separate overlay Container for Calculate Linux Container distro profile. It helps to avoid accidental change of the profile which can lead to huge issues, like a kernel removal in case of CLC.

We have 14 system profiles in total now: overlay Distros - CLD, CLDC, CLDL, CLDM, CLDX, CLS, CDS, CSS, Timeless; overlay Container: CLC; overlay Builder: CBD, CBS, CBE, CBW.