I installed CL and plan to use binary only installation.
However I find out that some packages are still in source (ebuild).
I use binary profile with eselect and put FEATURES=“getbinpkg” in make.conf but I still have many packages build from source.
For exemple rekonq or ibus is not going to be compiled from source.

My questions are :

  • Is there a proper way to have binary only installation and which one
  • If not is it because binaries packages are not available for all ebuild ?


Binary updates are only available for packages in the distribution.

Thanks for the reply.
Is there a package list I can check ?

More generally how is going the package convertion from ebuild => bin ?
Do you have like a conversion factory ?
I am interested to know more about this process and eventually try to build my own source.
I know that gentoo can nativly use binary but did you do some specific developpment to allow this binary/source package availability ?

The list of packages can be found on the mirror. For each distribution uses her mirror. For example:

Binary packages can be created using emerge. Use the --buildpkg. For details, see man.