bash: nvidia-settings : command not found

Hi guys ,

first i need to say that i’m new to linux and I experiment a lot with distributions.

I find Calculate linux one of my favourite , very fast, responsive ,stable and low on resources .

I tried cldg 11 and i have same problem in cld 11.

I installed nvidia-settings with emerge , restarted and i cannot find it in menu options.

Then i tried typing in terminal “nvidia-settings” and i get error from title.

now i do not know what to do , maybe i missed something.

i just want to enable vsync , so any workaround will be enough.

and one more thing , when i run “emerge -S nvidia-settings” i can see that it is already installed on my system.

thanks in front.

Recompile the package with gtk-flag:

USE=“gtk” emerge -aN nvidia-drivers


Thanks :slight_smile: that did the job