bad password error in WICD

Ocasionally it happens that you receive an error in WICD when you try to connect to a network it involves WICD beeing unable to authenticate due to a bad password, this also happens on unsecure networks.
The reason for this lies in the broadcom module “br43” not beeing loaded automaticly.
Most netbooks, and sa lot of laptops have broadcom wireless cards.

First, make sure this is the problem

Open a terminal, become root and type “modprobe br43” restart WICD and see if you can connect.
If this is the case, you can automaticly load this module on gentoo.

automaticly load the br43 module during boot

# open a terminal, and become root (type su and enter your password)
# type nano /etc/conf.d/modules
# find the line that starts with modules_2_6_35_5_calculate= and add br43 between the quotes
# save the file, and reboot.

You should now have WICD automaticly connect to your wireless network.

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