Arista and Phatch Installation

Greetings. I am trying to install Arista and Phatch on Calculate 11.9 KDE.

Arista seemed to install without issue using “emerge arista”, but running it (arista-gtk) throws an error:

   ** Message: pygobject_register_sinkfunc is deprecated (GstObject)
   Traceback (most recent call last):
     File "/usr/bin/arista-gtk", line 1671, in <module>
       main = MainWindow(options)
     File "/usr/bin/arista-gtk", line 397, in __init__
     File "/usr/bin/arista-gtk", line 551, in setup_source
       size, 0))
   glib.GError: Icon 'camera-video' not present in theme

I realize it is a gtk app that I want to run on KDE.

I found this portage overlay for phatch, but I don’t understand how to install it:

Thank you in advance.

Well, Lautre in the #calculate chat helped me install Phatch. Here are the required steps:

[22:25] travelinrob: 1. you need to add the overlay rion
[22:26] travelinrob: ‘layman -L’ will show what are overlays
[22:26] travelinrob: required us to overlay in “Mercurial”
[22:26] travelinrob: eix mercurial
[22:27] travelinrob: emerge dev-vcs/mercurial
[22:27] travelinrob: then layman -a rion
[22:27] travelinrob: then ‘eix-update’ and ‘eix phatch’
[22:28] travelinrob: you will see the package in the system.
[23:31] emerge --autounmask-write phatch
[23:33] doing so you should have seen the bottom of the inscription “Autounmask changes successfully written. Remember to run etc-update.”
[23:34] Lautre: I do see that. Should I now type etc-update, then?
[23:34] no
[23:35] I would suggest that better use ‘dispatch-conf’
[23:35] it shows what has changed and make backups
[23:36] do i choose ‘u’ for use-new?
[23:36] yep
[23:38] then ‘emerge phatch’ to install.

I got Arista to work by installing gnome-icon-theme:
emerge gnome-icon-theme