Any way to disable safemode kernel initramfs and vmlinuz when installing/upgrading calculate-sources?


Everytime I want to (re)install or upgrade the calculate-sources, the safemode initramfs is generated, using lots of space in the /boot partition (mine is 150MB size with ext2). Is there a way to disable the safemode initramfs generation instead of removing it manually without resizing the /boot partition?

Also, what’s the best compression algorithm in order to be used by dracut?

Thank you.

Hi Jorgicio,

Safemode created after building the kernel. After that, all unnecessary drivers are deleted from it in accordance with the ones loaded in the system. At the same time, safe mode must be maintained in the event of a change in equipment configuration.

You can solve this problem by deleting a separate boot partition or by configuring the kernel using the cl-kernel utility so that initramfs is initially created without additional modules or not created it.

The dracut compression algorithm should be selected based on the speed of your hard drive and processor performance.