Antivirus ,Firewall

Iam sunny

I want a complete procedure to set up Antivirus and firewall on CDS. Iam doing a small test, I have 1 CDS and 4CLD’s,4 Windows system authenticated by CDS.All of these 8 systems are in a domain of CDS.I want my small network to be free from Malawares,virus,threats and vulnerabilities.Antivirus can be on all systems but firewall i need to have only on CDS.
Please send or write a complete procedure that be of much help.

Install service proxy

cl-setup proxy

When installing the service will be established basic groups:

  • http - port 80 available
  • ftp - is available on port 21
  • https - port 443 available
  • gopher - available port 70
  • wais - available port 210
  • unregistered - the range of available ports 1025-65535
  • http-mgmt - available port 280
  • gss-http - port 488 available
  • filemaker - available port 591
  • multiling - available port 777
  • swat - available port 901

Adding a user account proxy service provided by the command cl-useradd

 # Add the user _ivan_ with full name in the comments
cl-useradd -p -c "Ivanov Ivan" ivan proxy

ivan add user to groups ‘http’,‘https’ (open the user access to sites)

cl-usermod -G http,https ivan proxy