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AMD Ryzen Laptop - X server failed during boot time

Hi folks,
I have T14 with AMD 4650. Trying to boot latest live iso build, which switch to text console. When I try to run startx I receive x server fatal errors. I try to add “noapic” to kernel cmd line but this wont help either.
Do you have suggestions how to solve this?

I’ve also updated bios from 1.05 to the current version 1.30. without any impact to the issue.

You checked the ISO once written on the stick and its fine?

of course I did, besides this live USB I’ve used in multiple previous installations, but on Intel…

Is this the ‘nightly’ ISO you’re using? If not, try that one. I had some graphic issues as well on my Ryzen 4500U laptop.

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Thanks angelus, I always used releases and never tried nightly builds :slight_smile:
Indeed last nightly build worked fine!
Again thanks for suggestion. Great forum support!

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Glad that it’s working! You could have made it work with ‘release’ as well by manually updating the kernel and continue from there. But I usually use the ‘nightlies’ as they also save you the amount of initial upgrades :slight_smile:

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