Adding KDE and other desktops to CLS

Tried doing this installing CLS to hard drive which worked. Did that using the installer GUI on a livedvd and an iso image of CLS

But installing desktops absolutely does not work. I get all sorts of errors.

What specifically is a user supposed to do if they want to use a freshly compiled desktop, any one they chose, or even add more desktops so a user can chose them to boot into at startup?

I’m working on this now, instead of trying to install cld-kde-meta, I’m trying cld-meta (I consider myself lucky that I even found cld-meta! cheezes. this is rough)

So some step by step instructions would sure be nice. Thanks.

I was wondering kind of the same thing. Is it possible to use CLS to build a “custom” working desktop instead of a liveCD?

I’m now using CLD, which I like a lot, but it’s a bit too heavy for my needs and, instead of start removing packages that I don’t need, which might break the system, maybe it’s better to build the system from scratch up, adding packages.

I really miss a friendlier package manager than emerge… :slight_smile:

Comes to the aid program “eix”. It’s still a console, but its ability to capture the imagination.

I’m not unfamiliar with CLI package managers, but the main problem I find with eix and emerge is that neither manages “uninstall dependencies”. When you emerge a package, dependencies are installed automatically, which is good; but when you unmerge it, then is quite another thing: you either use --depclean, which might break something, or -C, which doesn’t uninstall the now needless packages.

At present in the file /var/lib/portage/world Installation is only one package app-misc/calculate-meta. This meta-package dependencies to pull a dozen meta-packages, which form part of the whole package distribution. You can get rid of the dependency after removing components via USE-flags. More details can be found here.

Next week Calculate Linux rid of meta-packages. Everything will work as you’d like. Removing the bag, remove and dependence. Except for the package, which is dependent in others.

Great! That sounds like a nice improvement. I’ll wait till then for doing my system-housekeeping. :slight_smile: