Adding games

Just recently installed Calculate 12 and went back and tried to install freecell. It tells me that it has installed but I am unable to find where it was installed. I have tried reinstalling it again and still it doesn’t show up. What do I have to do to play the game? Thanks, Larry

Hi Larry,

Do I understand correctly that this is games-board/xfreecell?

In this case, run:

 # equery f games-board/xfreecell
 * Searching for xfreecell in games-board ...
 * Contents of games-board/xfreecell-1.0.5b:

Here we see that the toys do not have icons (as there is no path /usr/share/applications/). It can be run from the console or by pressing Alt+F2 and typing:




Thanks Alex. Worked like a charm. I had it installed, I just didn’t know how to start it.