About the question of disk partition

I have read the document:

You can reinstall Calculate Linux without any parameters if your hard disk is partitioned like this:

/dev/sda1 swap
/dev/sda2 10-20Gb Linux (/)
/dev/sda3 10-20Gb Linux (/)
/dev/sda4 Extended
/dev/sda5 Linux (/home)
... (other disks and partitions)

If the system is booted from the sda2 partition the installer will offer ‘‘sda3’’ and vice versa. The installer stores the number of the partition which was used for installation and suggests it when trying to update the previous partition.


I use vmware ESX to install calculate-linux. so the ESX’s sanpshot tool worked very well. I can rollback if some error or need.

But, I will install calculate directly on the disk. How can work like vwmare ESX’s sanpshot?

if I want to install some new software , or upgrade system world, I want to do it in sda3 and then migrate the newer to sda2 and reboot it? if some error I can rollback to previous.

Are there any Idea, and How to do it?

Please give me some key advices! I want to install CSS11.15


Two sections are used for other purposes. If you seldom update the entire system from the new Stage of the image. For your task, you can search for a file system with support for snapshots.