A new cycle of development Calculate Linux

Starting with Calculate Linux 10.4, introduces a new development cycle distributions. Before the release of final versions of the system may be released a beta version. The first beta version was released for the new distribution Calculate Linux Desktop 10.4 beta 1 GNOME.

Differences in Beta

Main differences are three:

  • Use of developer-profile
  • Use unstable versions of utilities calculate from Git repository
  • Less testing cycle

Overlay Calculate now contains two versions of a profile for each distribution (and architecture) - a stable and test (developer). A test architecture allows centralized management of camouflage packages, preparing the next update. Due to the profile, you can remove the mask from the unstable packages without issue interim releases, without changes in local configuration files, and without affecting the basic profile, which by this time will be taken from all the changes from the test profile.

Installing a stable meta-package (cls-meta and cds-meta) switch profile in stable doustanovit necessary packages, will version package in line with the release.

Advantages of the new development cycle

Utility Calculate to establish a system and makes it necessary settings. Each version of the distribution has its own characteristics, which should be taken into account. So last year in the installer was added to check the supported versions. Unfortunately this could lead to the production of multiple versions of the tools with the addition of support for different versions of the system. With the transition to the beta, the installer can be tested without the release of multiple versions.

Before the assembly of release it is possible to test the beta version on various glands, get feedback, fix bugs.